July 19, 2015.  Today was probably our busiest day yet, the final day of our preaching here in Guyana.  Dad addressed the early morning Bible class at Corriverton Baptist Church on the subject of prayer from Ezekiel 36:37, and I preached the morning message from II Samuel 10:12 on the subject of God’s sovereignty and human responsibility.

Immediately after services were concluded at Corriverton Baptist, Pastor Katryan dropped several members off at their homes, then hurried Dad over to preach for the saints at Roadside Baptist.  He spoke to them on the subject of the resurrection, while I was whisked over to Village # 57 to preach the morning service for Living Stone Baptist.  I spoke on repentance and faith as the two key elements of Paul’s preaching, from Acts 20:21.  When we came back to Roadside Baptist, Dad was still preaching, so Brother Katryan took me into a little snackette next to the church and bought me a cold Pepsi, which was quite refreshing after preaching twice in the sultry heat in a full suit and tie.

After lunch and a time to relax and study, we returned to Roadside Baptist Church for the final special service.  I was invited to preach the final message, and spoke to a crowded room on “If Any Man Will Do His Will,” from John 7:17.  There were at least 85 people present, by Dad’s count, perhaps more, since a few came in late.  After the message, some very kind words were addressed to us by Pastor Katryan and Pastor Terry, and we reciprocated by thanking them for their kindness and hospitality, and singing two scripture songs which we use in our home church, from Colossians 1:3, 4, and Ephesians 6:23, 24.  Then after the meeting broke up a delicious meal and very filling was served in the dining area to all present.  At the conclusion, it was time to say our farewells to many kind brethren who have done us much good during our stay here in Guyana, and whose presence I hope by God’s grace to enjoy again some day.