July 18, 2015.  For the first time in more than a week neither Dad nor I preached, but instead enjoyed a quiet and relaxing day.  In the morning, after a leisurely breakfast of pancakes and eggs, we accompanied Pastor Katryan to the market, where he purchased some vegetables, then some prostate pills at the pharmacy.  We returned to the house after he had the church van washed, and I helped clean up the interior of the van, washing the inside windows while Pastor Katryan tidied up other spots.

A little afternoon we enjoyed a delicious lunch of fried chicken, baked potatoes, and salad.  It was almost like being back home!  The bad part, though, was that just a few hours later we had to eat again at the cookout arranged for the young people of the churches our in the common area behind Living Stone Baptist Church.  It is a beautiful scene, facing a savannah where animals graze, coconut trees towering overhead, and the Corentyne River just beyond a line of trees on the horizon.  Birbal Narain climbed up one of these trees to fetch coconuts, and several of us enjoyed a cup of coconut water.  Also, a delicious rice and chicken goulash (that’s not what they call it, but I have no better word) was cooked over an open fire, and served to the large group gathered there.  Perhaps a hundred people were there, mostly young people… and some 30 of them rode to and from the event squeezed into the Katryans’ church van!  It was a very relaxing, enjoyable time of good food, fellowship, and games for the young men and women.  Pastors Katryan and Terry both delivered brief biblical exhortations from the psalms, which were very good.  All in all, it was a most satisfying way to spend our Saturday, as we prepare for one more flurry of activity tomorrow.