July 17, 2015.  Last night, after putting drops in a sore ear, I went to bed immediately because I felt dizzy, and neglected to update my journal.  It was, all in all, another good day spent in the service of the Lord, preaching His word and accompanying brother Moti Harlall on visitation in the Living Stone Baptist Church neighborhood.  It was a pleasure to see the stout and lovely new home built for the Narain family.  Their previous house was destroyed in a violent wind storm about a year ago, and several churches, including our own, contributed to the necessity of this poor family with 8 children.

Last evening Dad spoke once again on liberty in Christ at Living Stone Baptist Church.  Today, after Vacation Bible classes, where I wrapped up my studies in Proverbs 1, Mrs. Fanisa Narain invited us for lunch.  Their family all attends Living Stone, and Mrs. Narain and her oldest daughter Shaneeza are members.  The hospitality of this poor family has absolutely been one of the most delightful aspects of this trip.  Not only have they participated every day in serving refreshments for the Bible class students, yesterday they brought snacks and drinks out for us when we dropped by on visitation, and today they provided a very nice meal.  And not only that, but both last night and tonight they sent food home for us to the Katryans’.  In truth, “the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality.”

They are, in fact, a glowing example of what I preached tonight from Romans 12:1 on presenting our bodies as living sacrifices unto God.  There was quite a good congregation gathered, maybe the largest of this week of revival meetings.  My thought when I had done was that I had preached the message much better than I have lived it.  But hearing from some of the folks that the preaching this week has helped them gives me confidence that our journey and labors here have not been in vain.