July 13, 2015.  Today, Monday, had its difficulties, but concluded with a good evening meeting at Corriverton Baptist.  Pastor Katryan’s church bus was reluctant to start when we headed for the Vacation Bible School class at Living Stone Baptist Church, but we made it there safely, with probably twenty passengers.  The classes were very well attended, mostly by young people, but a few older believers as well.  I spoke to those 13 and up from Proverbs 1, and hope to continue in the Proverbs throughout the week.

After the classes, cookies and kool-aid were served.  I had to take a couple of pictures of myself and the children drinking kool-aid in Guyana; thankfully not the Jim Jones variety!  We enjoyed good fellowship there, particularly with an elderly brother named Crandon, who spoke with us of his experiences, tests, God’s faithfulness, and the authority of God’s word even in our present age.  He is a very soft-spoken man, hard to hear, but one of those brethren with whom it is a privilege to spend time.

After returning home for lunch, Pastor Katryan took the church van to a mechanic, who discovered the starter had gone bad.  He managed to replace it for $90,000 Guyana, or $450 American.  The Katryans’ pressure pump at the house also burned out, making it a very difficult afternoon for them, but one which they bore with commendable Christian patience.

The evening revival service at Corriverton Baptist went well, I thought.  The congregation was very attentive as I spoke on the responsibilities of husbands and fathers.  The same bat from yesterday morning appeared midway through the service, and distracted folks as he flew around in crazy patterns, before finally hitting a fan blade and falling to the floor (I suppose his radar must be defective).  Sister Diane did what I should’ve done yesterday, picked him up by a wing and tossed him outside.  The service went on from that point forward without any more distractions or interruptions.