July 12, 2015.  This morning we were up before dawn to study, and prepare for the early morning service at Corriverton Baptist Church.  Because the church van needs to be used to transport people back to their homes or to the other churches, the services at Corriverton Baptist begin early, at 8:15.  I spoke for about 25 minutes to the Bible class from Proverbs 28:26 on the folly of trusting our hearts.  Like last year, only a handful were there when we began, but many more arrived as I was speaking.  By the time Dad commenced preaching the morning service, the building was filled in quite nicely.  He spoke on Christ as the only sacrifice for sin from Hebrews 9:26, a message very well received by the people.

After the services at Corriverton Baptist, Sister Nalin and I were dropped off at Roadside Baptist Church, while Dad was carried over to preach at Living Stone Baptist.  Sister Nalin played the organ for the service at Roadside, and I spoke from Ephesians 5:2 on loving as Christ loved us.  It is one of my favorite messages to preach, and involves a subject the Lord has laid very heavily on my heart in the last year or so.  It is very gratifying to preach to such an attentive congregation, and to see so many familiar faces there at Roadside.

After the service, the bus returning from Living Stone picked us up.  Dad had preached there on the subject of Christian joy.  After dropping off several who had come along in the bus, we returned to the Katryans’ home, where we enjoyed a wonderful meal of beef soup (their normal Sunday afternoon fare), and then rested and prepared for the afternoon service.

I neglected to mention the one rather strange and amusing incident at the start of the morning service at Corriverton Baptist.  Somehow a bat got loose in the church house, and during prayer hit Dad in the head and fell down by the organ.  When Brother Katryan ended his prayer the bat was flying about again, and it landed on my shoulder.  Perhaps I should have grabbed him and pitched him out the window, but instead I swatted him away with my hymnbook.  Next thing I knew a lady two rows back was shrieking and trying to get away from the terrible creature!  Somebody else shooed it away, and he must have went into hiding, as we did not see him any more that morning.

The evening revival service was well attended with brethren from all three churches.  Dad preached first, once more on Christ putting away sin, and I spoke from Colossians 1:3, 4 on thanksgiving for God’s people.  During my message the bat made another appearance, but this time when he collided with the ceiling fan and fell to the floor, one of the ladies picked him up and threw him outside.  That was a good thing, because I could tell that the congregation was becoming distracted by the bat as he flew in erratic patterns about the room.

At the conclusion of the evening revival service, we took several of the Corriverton Baptist members to their homes, and then enjoyed a good supper of fish sandwiches before retiring for the night.