July 11, 2015.  This morning after breakfast we accompanied Brother Katryan to the market, which is extremely busy on Saturday.  We even had to park in a man’s yard and pay $200 Guyana (or $1 U.S.) for the privilege.  There was scarcely room to maneuver through the crowds, as Brother Katryan shopped for fresh beef and various other items.  But I did manage to get a number of good pictures of the Guyana market, and we were able to hand out some tracts and invitations to the revival meetings beginning tomorrow.

As we snacked back at the house, the Katryans told us some humorous stories about dealing with the traffic police in Guyana.  Here, instead of driving patrol cars, they stand in the middle of the road and wait to flag down the speeders.  It is common for an officer to say to a driver he has stopped, “Right hand or left?”  If you choose right hand, they will write you a ticket which you must pay at the police station.  If you choose left, then you slip them a couple hundred dollars to go in their pocket, and proceed on your way.

Some of the officers evidently to not know how to read.  Both the Katryans tell of being stopped by officers who looked long and hard at their licenses, then asked them how old they were.  Of course their birth date is on the license.  Sister Nalin said she told one officer she was 96.  His eyes got very big as he looked at this lady with a full head of black hair, and he handed her back her license, and told her to go on her way, and drive carefully.

Pastor Katryan also gave a story, or perhaps a parable, of a man who complained about the justice of God.  As he sat under a mango tree, he saw a pumpkin on the ground nearby.  “If God is just,” he demanded, “why must this large pumpkin be supported by a little vine, while this great tree only holds up these little mangoes?”  No sooner had he done speaking than a mango fell and hit him on the head.  Convinced now not only of God’s justice but also His goodness, the man cried out, “Thank God that wasn’t a pumpkin!”

In the afternoon I spoke to a group of young people, perhaps fifteen, from Daniel 3.  Using Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, I sought to urge upon them the reality of opposition in God’s service, and the necessity of maintaining a holy fidelity to God and His commandments no matter what the cost.

Right as supper was ending this evening, we had a very pleasant surprise when a car pulled up at the gate and began honking.  It was an airport employee, bringing in our two missing bags that we had counted lost.  So now we have 50 pounds of Gospel literature to distribute, and the Katryans received their medical, food, and other supplies.  We stopped to give thanks to God for this surprising mercy, and hope for His further blessing in the days ahead.