Yesterday ended our preaching here in Guyana, and this is our last full day before leaving for home early tomorrow morning.  It has been a very busy but profitable time here, and Brother Katryan is persuaded that the preaching has, and will, do much good to the many who attended.  It was certainly the busiest period of my ministerial career, as I spoke 15 times over the course of 9 days, 6 of those messages being to groups of young people.  Dad preached 9 times over 8 days, once to a Tuesday morning gathering of senior citizens, and the other 8 times in the three churches here in the Corriverton area.

My plan is to reproduce my journal that I have kept here on my blog, just as I did last time.  I hope to get that started later in the week, perhaps Thursday or Friday.  We will be flying into Tulsa on Wednesday without much sleep, and I will have to try to get rested up to preach that evening in our home assembly.

It has been a good time of serving the Lord, and the people here in Guyana could not have been more kind or hospitable to us.  Nonetheless it will certainly be good to get home to our wives and families, and back into our routine of service to Christ there in Muskogee.  We plan to leave Corriverton at 4:45 a.m., and our flight is scheduled to depart from Georgetown at 10:20.  Once again, we would appreciate the prayers of any who may read this for our safe return to the United States.