I intended to put a notice on my blog before departing from Oklahoma, but got busy and failed to do so.  Today is my first day on the internet since we left on the 8th of the month.  My father and I are in Corriverton, Guyana again, and have been very busy preaching the word since last Sunday for a week of revival meetings.  The meetings have all been very well attended, and the people extremely attentive.  Tomorrow will be our final day of preaching, and Dad will be speaking twice, myself three times.  After the final service at Roadside Baptist Church (Village # 68) we will have a meal together with all who attend.

We are scheduled to fly out of Guyana on Tuesday morning, and will land in Tulsa early Wednesday morning, by God’s grace.  Please pray for the continued success of the ministry of God’s word in this place, and for safety for Dad and I as we return in the days ahead.