What did Christ suffer?  He suffered that which answered the justice of God.  He suffered that which answered the law of God.  He suffered that which fully repaired the glory of God. Brethren, let us encourage ourselves in the Lord.  If there be any demands to be made of you and me, it must be upon the account of the righteousness and justice of God; or upon the account of the law of God; or upon the account of the loss that God suffered in His glory by us.  If the Lord Jesus hath come in, and answered all these, we have a good plea to make in the presence of the holy God.

1.  He suffered all that the justice of God did require.  Hence it is said that “God set Him forth to be a propitiation through faith in His blood, to declare His righteousness for the remission of sins” (Rom. 3: 25).  And you may observe that the apostle uses the very same words in respect of Christ’s suffering that he uses in respect of the sufferings of the damned angels (Rom. 8: 32): “God spared Him not.”  And when He would speak of the righteousness of God in inflicting punishment upon the sinning angels, He doth it by that very word,  “God spared them not.”  So that whatever the righteousness of God did require against sinners, Christ therein was not spared at all.  What God required against your sins and mine, and all His elect, God spared Him nothing, but He paid the utmost farthing.

2.  The sufferings of Christ did answer the law of God.  That makes the next demand of us.  The law is that which requires our poor, guilty souls to punishment, in the name of the justice of God.  Why, saith the apostle,  “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us” (Gal. 3: 13); by undergoing and suffering the curse of the law, He redeemed us from it.

3.  He suffered everything that was required to repair and make up the glory of God.  Better you and I and all the world should perish than God should be endamaged in His glory.  It is a truth, and I hope God will bring all our hearts to say, Christ hath suffered to make up that. The obedience that was in the sufferings of Christ brought more glory unto God than the disobedience of Adam, who was the original of the apostasy of the whole creation from God, brought dishonour unto Him.  That which seemed to reflect great dishonour upon God was that all His creatures should as one man fall off by apostasy from Him.  God will have His honour repaired, and it is done by the obedience of Christ much more.  There cometh, I say, more glory to God by the obedience of Christ and His sufferings than there did dishonour by the disobedience of Adam; and so there comes more glory by Christ’s sufferings and obedience upon the cross than by the sufferings of the damned for ever.  God loses no glory by setting believers free from suffering, because of the sufferings of the Son of God.  This was a fruit of eternal wisdom.