To live such a life is certainly beyond the power of men, who are polluted in every faculty by sin.  But God does not leave it up to us, to do that which is impossible by nature.  He sends forth His Spirit into our hearts, whereby we are enabled to love one another even as Christ loved us, and to manifest forth the grace and love of God to a lost and dying world.  We know that we have the Spirit of God dwelling us when we show these marks of regeneration.  If we love the law of God and seek to walk in its light, and if we love the brethren, then we may know that our religion is not a simple reformation of character, but it is Spirit-wrought life.  It is, in fact, the seed of eternal life which was planted with us, germinating and bearing fruit.  This is how we know that we dwell in God.  The Spirit of God can never come into a person and leave him unaffected.  That person will be distinguished by the marks of grace, so that both he and others may know that he is in fellowship with the living God of heaven and earth.  This is an incredible boon for we earthly mortals, a gift of which we can never be worthy, but for which we should thank our God every day, and plead importunately for greater manifestations of the power of the Spirit in us.