As just quoted above, the love of God was evidenced by His sending His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him.  We mark in this the love of both the Father and the Son towards their chosen people.  The Father gave up the Son of His love, with Whom He had enjoyed perfect and infinitely sweet communion throughout eternal ages, to become a servant, to be subjected to the hatred and mockery of men, and ultimately to die on a bloody cross.  This God did, not because we were worthy of such love, but simply because He would.  The Father loved us and chose us, and Christ died for us, when we were yet without strength, when we were, in fact, numbered among the ungodly.  Nevertheless, the Father’s love was so great that He sent Christ for this dreadful work, and Christ willingly humbled Himself to assume the form of a servant and to suffer the death of the cross, in order that we might have life.  This is the great example of love which John holds forth to us, and would have us to emulate.