Jesse Jackson in a Black Robe?

Supposedly when we elected a black president in 2008 it was going to bring an end to racism and usher in an era of peace, brotherhood, and understanding in post-racial America.  Not so much, especially if scoundrels like Judge Olu Stevens gets his way.  A white family was victimized in a home invasion by a black perpetrator, but Judge Stevens was so little troubled by that that he generously gave the criminal probation.  However he made sure to take several minutes castigating the 3-year old girl who now happens to be afraid of black men after her traumatizing experience.

One thing this shows us is that all racists are not white, and it certainly ought to dispel any notion we have that judges and elected officials possess any degree of wisdom or maturity.  This judge’s childish outburst is a disgrace to his office, and reveals him as a man too obsessed with his own particular views of racial political correctness to be able to render justice in cases involving whites and blacks.  Sadly, this is far from an isolated case, as such attitudes clearly exist in the Department of Justice and the White House.

The problem with Louisville, and the problem with America, is not that we are afflicted with people like Olu Stevens in positions of power, it is that the people would elect and tolerate unjust, childish, bigoted racial partisans of this sort.