I would say a few words to you, dear children. Is there a sight more lovely than another? It is to see a poor little thirsty lamb coming to the waters of life; carelessness overcome, thoughtlessness brought to an end. Oh, to hear the first prayer, to see the first anxious look — the first time of reading the Word! Oh, how your teachers have watched for it! They have looked at your countenances; sometimes they hoped — then feared — then hoped — then feared — and then hoped again. But oh! Could they but see in you a real seeking after the water of life, how would it gladden their souls!
Ah, the worth of the soul!  Who can utter it? I shall soon die; your teachers will soon die; you yourselves will soon die. But if you die without the water of life, it had been better for you if you had never been born, for he that dies without that, dies without hope — dies without God. Shall I tell you why it is that there are so few among you, comparatively speaking, that have any concern about the water of life? It is because you little know what you are, what sin is, what sinners you have been, and what you stand in need of day by day.  Some of you are so ignorant.