Sequel to Buchanan’s Tuesday Article

I posted Patrick Buchanan’s article on the Charlie Hebdo massacre on Tuesday, and his follow-up offering is just about as good.  Once again, the French (and almost all Western nations) come off as glaring hypocrites in the whole business.  To march for freedom of speech in defense of the irreverent and blasphemous Charlie Hebdo publication (blasphemous not against Islam only, but against Christianity as well), while prosecuting others for “hate crimes” because of what they have said or printed, seems the very extreme of hypocrisy.  Don’t get me started on the fact that France will glorify Charlie Hebdo, while prosecuting “Holocaust deniers.”  What it shows is that the mainstream historical view of the Holocaust is more sacred to France, and every nation with similar laws, than the faith of Christians, or Muslims, or any other religion.

No nation that has hate speech laws believes in freedom of speech, no matter how loudly they may pontificate about it when a tragedy occurs such as struck Paris last week.  The hypocrisy of the French prime minister, as evidenced by his quote, as well as his entire government, and nearly every Western nation, is appalling, glaringly obvious, and offensive to many–including those following Muhammad’s brutal religion which inspires acts of violence against those who criticize it.