Evolution Defies Logic

This is a good article by David Kallman on the fact that Evolution, instead of being science, is just another religious faith.  They present their assumptions and theories as facts, although they cannot point to one verifiable instance of one species evolving into another.  They pretend that anyone who does not believe in Evolution cannot be a good scientist, even though many of the world’s greatest scientists were ardent worshipers of the God of the Bible, and firm believers in creation; e.g., Isaac Newton, Johann Kepler, Galileo.  They pretend that all the order and complexity of life came from undirected chaos, and countless chance happenings, even though the odds against any number of evolutionary developments taken for granted by these blind zealots are so great as to be utterly laughable.  It is ironic and pathetic to watch evolutionists speak on their nature documentaries about “design” in various creatures, when they themselves reject the entire concept of a Designer.  It is clear, then, that they view Evolution itself as a god, and it is a god they ardently, evangelistically, and intolerantly worship.