The true believers in Christ, to whom John writes, are different from these apostates, whose false doctrine and ungodly lives manifests that they were never in truth savingly joined to Christ.  The difference is not in their own personal wisdom or steadfastness, but in the grace which has been poured out from on high.  They have an unction, or an anointing, from the Holy One of God, and know “all things.”  Of course this does not suggest infinite wisdom on the part of any of God’s children, but it does indicate that they know and have embraced by faith all the cardinal doctrines of Christianity.  They know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, they know He is the Saviour of sinners, they know He is the one and only Mediator between God and men, and that the Father can only be approached through His person and merits.  The Holy Spirit of God is their anointing, and He, according to the promise of Christ, has led them into all truth.

While the Holy Spirit, according to His sovereign will, imparts different degrees of wisdom to His people, He leaves none of them ignorant where the vital matters regarding the salvation of our souls are concerned.  In that area, it can be said “we know all things,” all the things that are necessary to be known and embraced if we would be saved.  Through God’s grace, through the teaching of the Spirit, we know the truth, and are able to distinguish it from the lies of the apostate antichrists.  Their lies are utterly contrary to the truth, and God’s children will be able to recognize those lies for what they are, and reject them.