Again, John reiterates some of the purposes of writing to these different classes of Christians.  He repeats the same word to the fathers in the faith, that he has written to them because they know Him that is from the beginning.  They know Christ the Saviour Who died for them, and the Father Who chose them and gave them to the Son in electing love.  John also speaks once more to the young men, complimenting them upon their strength which they have of God, and reminding them that they have overcome the wicked one by divine grace.

It appears now that he will launch into another subject, regarding the love of the world.  However, it may be that the succeeding warning follows immediately in the same context.  He would not have the fathers or the young men to be brash, confident in their own strength, imagining that nothing can harm them.  They must persist in the path of righteousness, lest they succumb to the love of the world, which destroys all those who give themselves up to it.  The only way we may avoid that deadly snare is to walk in the paths of the fathers and the young men, continuing in the knowledge of God, abiding in the truth of God’s word which is in us, and overcoming the wicked one by the power of His grace.