A Black Minister On The Condition of Black America

In light of what is going on in Ferguson right now, an article like this one form Jesse Lee Patterson is very needful.  I cannot but admire his brutal honesty, which goes so far as to say that, even now as black Americans are being tossed aside by Democrats who are finding Hispanic voters more useful, they are not likely to learn anything from this mistreatment.  Mr. Patterson also makes an observation I have made several times, that the great mistake black Americans made was by following the philosophy of Marxist whiner W.E.B. DuBois instead of the counsel of the freed slave Booker T. Washington, who urged his people to earn a respectable place in society by cultivating industriousness and integrity.

As a side note to connect it with my series of sermons just concluded, the mess we see in Ferguson, to say nothing of the blatant racial pandering for votes being constantly done by the Obama administration, is nothing other than the fruit of that damnable doctrine of equality which is ruining our country.