The life of the believer is to be an imitation of Christ.  Obviously, all are not born into the same precise earthly circumstances as was our Lord.  All are not born into a carpenter’s home, living in obscurity and with but the most modest means.  All are not called to be preachers, and only a handful have ever been summoned by God to work miracles.  When John tells us that the man who abides in Him ought to walk as He walked, he refers us to Christ’s absolute submission to the will of God, and His scrupulous obedience to the divine law.  As Christ the child was obedient to His parents, and honored His mother even at His death, so ought we to do, whatever our particular circumstances might be.  As Christ spoke the truth, even at personal risk, so ought we to do.  As Christ was willing to lay down His life in defense of the truth He held and preached, so ought we to manifest the same spirit.  As Christ was tender and compassionate towards the ignorant, and those who were in need, so should we be.  As Christ was willing to receive the worst of sinners into His fellowship, when once that person repented and sought His favor, so also should we, both as individuals and as churches.  Those who best imitate the character of the Lord Jesus make the best Christians.