Contrariwise, there is no legitimate ground of assurance for the person who lives in open defiance towards the commandments of God.  There are all too many who think they can have their cake and eat it too.  They will, so they imagine, inherit eternal life, even while they ignore the law of God, and pursue the lusts of the flesh.  John would have such hypocritical antinomians disabused of their heretical notions forthwith.  Yes, a man can say, “I know Him,” but if his behavior is one mass of contradiction to the express commandments of God, then has he not proven himself a liar?  Verily, he has.  Thus also taught our Master, Who succinctly said, “By their fruits shall ye know them.”  Just as you cannot glean grapes off of a thorn bush, so obedience to God can never flow from an unrenewed heart.  A joyful willingness to walk in obedience to the law of God has to flow from a person who has been made a new creature in Christ Jesus, because no others even possess such a capability.  No matter how loudly and brazenly a man may boast of his religious experiences, John would have us to know that they who refuse to obey God’s commandments have not the truth in them.  They are lying to others, they are lying to themselves, and, worst of all, they are lying to God.  While they may be able to fool men, they can never deceive God, Who knows infallibly the hearts of the children of men.