As they crucified the Lord, they offered Him a stupefying mixture of vinegar and gall.  This was meant to deaden the pain, and ease somewhat the agonies of crucifixion, which is an extremely cruel and tortuous form of death.  But Jesus, upon tasting, refused to drink and have His senses dulled.  This is very significant, for it indicates that the Lord knew full well for what reason He was there, and what dreadful price He must pay to redeem us from our sins.  He must drink the cup of the Father’s wrath to its very dregs, and not leave one drop.  He must be in full command of all His faculties, must feel the last particle of anguish necessary to purge every sin of every one that the Father had given Him. 

Thus they crucified Jesus, nailing His hands which had never wrought a sinful deed to the traverse beam, pinning those feet which had never walked in the ways of iniquity, to the stake, then hoisting the cross into its socket, that He might be a gazingstock to heaven and earth.  I have no doubt that all the hosts of heaven and hell were present to view the scene, the angels marveling and wondering with astonishment at what had become of their Lord, God’s own royal Son, while the devils rejoiced with hellish fury that they had at last slain their great Enemy.  But if they had known that they were only accomplishing the purpose of God for the salvation of sinners, they would never have crucified the Lord of glory!  Not only does the wrath of man ultimately work out to the praise of God, so also must all the fury of Satan and his demons.  Perhaps the Devil did not realize it at that moment, but it was here at the cross that his head was being crushed.  It appeared Christ was the great loser, His life taken from the earth, He cut off out of the land of the living, stricken for the transgressions of others.  But by His death, He was destroying him that had the power of death, even the devil.  He was, in fact, abolishing death, that life and immortality might be brought to light through the Gospel.  Here was being fulfilled that first promise given to our guilty parents in Eden, that the Seed of the Woman would crush the serpent’s head.  Yes, Christ was suffering greatly, but only His heel was bruised.  His injury was not incurable, for after having expiated the last sin of the last of His elect, He would rise again from the dead, destroying the dominion of Satan forever, and ascending back to heaven in great glory, leading captivity captive and receiving gifts for men.