Wicked Leaders and Evil Fruits–The Civil Rights Movement

Americans have been taught over the past 40 years to think of the Civil Rights movement as the greatest act of heroism and mightiest blow for liberty struck in the history of this continent.  Worse, Christians have acclaimed the movement as a biblically founded and inspired one, and its leaders (particularly Martin Luther King, Jr.) as exemplary Christians who ought to be imitated.  A biblical examination of the facts shows a far different story.  The Civil Rights movement, like the Egalitarian movements which preceded it, was driven by left-wing radicals, many of them Marxists, and its religious rhetoric was provided by men who both rejected the orthodox doctrines of the Gospel, and lived scandalous personal lives.  It is not a movement to be memorialized, nor should any Christian teacher or writer use the Civil Rights leaders as examples for the Lord’s saints.