Now Jesus confronted the multitude, not to revile them and hurl thunderbolts of judgment, but simply to prick their consciences by reminding them that He was no secret revolutionary, or underhanded rabble-rouser.  He had done all His work in public, teaching in the temple and working miracles out in the open.  It was only through cowardly fear of the people that His enemies had failed to apprehend Him before.  But again, this was in concert with the words of the prophets.  The very details of Christ’s arrest were fulfillment of Scripture.  God had uttered it through His prophets, and thus it must occur in this very fashion, even to the final detail of the forsaking of His disciples.  Wicked men now laid hands upon the Prince of Life, that He might be cut off out of the land of the living.  The Shepherd now must be smitten, even as the sheep of the flock are scattered, in their terror not realizing that they are fulfilling the sorrowful prediction of Jesus uttered just hours previous.