February 26.  We made it safely and on schedule to Trinidad yesterday afternoon.  It took awhile to get through customs, but since it was a 17-hour layover we had plenty of time to burn.  The taxi driver who took us to our Holiday Inn told us that in these poor economic times it is getting difficult to make a living driving a taxi.  I also discovered during the ride that talk radio is not a uniquely American phenomena.  The driver had on a talk show, and the content was very familiar; complaining about government mismanagement and crookedness in the economy.

After settling into our hotel room I phoned in an order to Pizza Hut.  Trinidadians have the same Creolese accent used in Guyana, and it is even more difficult for me to discern it over the phone than in person.  But I finally figured out that before taking my order, the Pizza Hut employee wanted to know if I was from Oklahoma or Texas.  Apparently I have more of a distinctive Okie accent than I ever recognized.  After I ordered, he also asked if by any chance I was a Sooners fan, a charge to which I had to plead guilty.  Apparently the greatest college football program around is known all the way to Port of Spain, Trinidad!

It took over an hour but the motorcycle delivery man finally got the order to our hotel.  We enjoyed some good American cuisine, and a hot shower (we had cold showers in Guyana, though the water is warm enough to be comfortable).  I turned on a basketball game at 8, but Dad fell asleep during the 1st half.  I stayed up to watch the game before turning in.  Then Dad ended up rising at about 3:30 a.m.  I stayed in bed till 5, then we got all our luggage together and headed back to the airport.

At Trinidad we loaded on time but the takeoff was delayed for about 20 minutes.  It was a long 6-hour flight, and the landing was delayed another 10 minutes or so over Houston.  Notwithstanding, we made it to Houston in plenty of time, made it through customs and the regular TSA harassment, had our lunch, and now sit waiting on the final leg of our trip from Houston to Tulsa.