February 24.  We had one more opportunity to be with the brethren of the churches in Guyana today, during the church family fellowship at Corriverton Baptist.  Most of the folks from all three churches came, making quite a nice gathering.  We gathered in a breezy ground floor room while lunch was being prepared, and enjoyed a good service, started off by singing a few simple songs that everyone save Dad and I seemed to know.  Then Pastor Moti spoke for about 20 minutes on the necessity of obedience in our Christian walk.  After that Dad and I were called on to lead in a couple of scripture songs that our church uses.  The people seemed to pick up on them quickly.  Pastor Terry then spoke on the necessity of continuing in sound doctrine and fellowship, from Acts 2:42.  Then there was a recitation of scripture by some of the children, and a time of testimony.  Pastor Katryan closed the proceedings before lunch by speaking quite powerfully on the necessity of putting Christ’s kingdoms and its interests ahead of our earthly priorities.

Four or five people spoke during the time of testimony, including a dear old lady named Sylvia, who loves to sing, and sang a song of blessing for a safe trip home to Dad and me.  A number of people expressed how much they had been blessed and encouraged by our ministry during the past week.  Some of the elderly women even gave me a kiss of charity on the cheek before departing.  Pastor Terry took several more pictures before we all broke up to go our separate ways.  I look forward to receiving those pictures on my e-mail when I get home.

It was bittersweet to say farewell to the dear brethren here in Guyana, without any certainty of when we may be together again.  There were widespread wishes for our speedy return, wishes I hope to be able to accommodate in the not too distant future.  But who can tell what God has ordained for our coming days?  I hope and pray to return and find many of these children having been baptized, taking up the cross to follow Christ, and finding the rest of the saints continuing steadfast in the faith.  In short, on such occasions as this, I find the words of John Fawcett to hold true: Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love; the fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above. When we asunder part it gives us inward pain; but we shall still be joined in heart and hope to meet again.