The final revival meeting during our stay took place this evening at Roadside Baptist Church, which is a central location between the other two churches.  Once more the meeting was attended by saints from all three places.  One thing that is painfully evident in viewing the congregation is how many more women are present than men.  Many of these sisters are unmarried, and others beset with the peculiar trial of a careless or unconverted husband.  Perhaps after migration, the biggest problem the churches here face is a dearth of faithful, committed men.

I spoke this evening from Luke 11:31 on the excellent example of the Queen of Sheba, and the greatness of Christ over Solomon.  I do believe the Lord blessed the meeting tonight, and our time here all week in general.  Our prayer is that good fruit will indeed be borne by our labors here, to the honor and praise of the Son of God.

At the conclusion of tonight’s meeting we had the always touching finale of singing God Be With You Till We Meet Again. As is customary in some Baptist circles, Dad and I were stationed at the door to greet the congregants as they filed out.  There were many names and faces I hope always to remember, and, if God is gracious, to see again: Brother Terry and sister Shako, and their sweet little children Jonathan and Akira; brother Moti and sister Ghasmin, who showed us such hospitality during the week; Andrea, who attends faithfully and plays the organ/keyboard—always smiling and cheerful, and singing along while she plays; the 10 and 7-year old girls Isha and Tanisha, an aunt and niece, remarkably cute and quite sweet as well; the elderly lady Joy, who shares the same name with my wife; Shama, a dear sister who drove Dad and I home from services at Roadside three different times this week; Clinton, a soft-spoken young man with a wife and two little girls, who is apparently an earnest inquirer after the truth; Seeamber, who is sending home two bottles of homemade pepper sauce each with Dad and me; Ronald, a farmer whose family gave Dad and I each a hammock; Ryan, a cheerful and pleasant boy who was a member of the class as the skills centre; Andy, 14-year old next door neighbor to the Katryans, who willingly attends all church functions; Anthony, another very friendly young man whom it was a pleasure to meet; and, of course, brother Almond, whose indefatigable labors and unsurpassed faith and dedication to the ministry are an example to all who know him, and sister Nalin, who works tirelessly with great skill and determination for the welfare of her home, her church, and her community.  Many others there are as well, whose names I either do not recall or did not learn or record, but the Lord knows, who have shown great kindness and respect to us during our stay in Guyana.