February 23.  Sunday morning is a busy time on a day like today when there are special meetings.  After an early breakfast of cereal, papaya, and muffins, along with tomato juice, we left for Corriverton Baptist Church for the early Bible class.  I had forgotten I was supposed to handle the Bible class, and so had to quickly compose some thoughts to bring before the people.  Just like a week ago, only a handful of people were present when we began, but others filtered in as I was speaking from Ephesians 2:1-10.

As the regular service was beginning there at Corriverton Baptist, brother Moti picked me up to take me to Living Stone Baptist to do the Bible class and morning sermon there.  Meanwhile, Dad stayed to preach the morning sermon at Corriverton Baptist, then was hurried over to Roadside Baptist to preach their morning service.  The Katryans then loaded their church van and brought a good group over to Living Stone, arriving during the singing.  I had brought the same Bible lesson I used last week at Corriverton Baptist on “Not Let Thine Heart Envy Sinners,” and for the sermon spoke on “Saved From Wrath” from Romans 5:6-11.  Dad spoke on “Justice Satisfied” at Corriverton Baptist, and on “Fail-Safe Salvation” at Roadside.

Personally, I enjoy the singing services here in Guyana.  I think the churches could profit from a hymnal such as the Trinity or the Gadsby, but the people sing very heartily, which is something I cannot say for all American churches I have been in.  Perhaps part of the appeal for me is the Creolese accent that comes across strongly in the singing.  Hard A’s are used generously (“ah-nd” instead of “and”).  The short I sound often becomes a “y”—“beauty-ful” instead of “beautiful.”  It is a unique and charming thing to hear.  In personal conversation the accent can present a difficulty, though, as the strange pronunciations and rapid speech often prevent us from understanding correctly.