Tomorrow morning Pastor Katryan will be driving us to the airport in Georgetown, where we are scheduled to fly to Trinidad.  We will be staying there overnight, and then flying back to Tulsa, with a layover in Houston, on Wednesday.  We have had a wonderful experience here, and I will miss the good brethren that we have met during our visit in Guyana.  It will, however, be wonderful to get back to the U.S. to see our families and friends.

Last week was extremely busy, with meetings every day except for Saturday.  Sunday I spoke four times, two Bible classes and two sermons.  I had never spoken more than twice on a single day beforehand.  Today, Monday, is actually the first day of rest we have had.  We did attend a church fellowship meeting, but the only obligation Dad and I had other than eating was to lead the group in a couple of scripture songs.  Afterwards we had to say good-bye to the many good saints here, who I hope we will have an opportunity to be with again in the future.

Lord willing on Thursday I will put up my first post describing my experiences in Guyana.  Please pray that the Lord will grant us safety in our journey home to Oklahoma.