My Dad and I are continuing to enjoy our visit to Guyana, and are greatly thankful for the opportunity to come to a far land to preach the same Gospel message that we speak back home.  There are so many interesting things we have seen and done that I would not even dare to begin to enumerate them here, but I am still keeping up my journal of all our adventures, and look forward to sharing it when we get back home.

Today is my final day to speak to the students here at the Skills Centre, which is operated by Roadside Baptist Church (one of the three churches we are ministering at during our stay).  I spoke to them twice on the character and attributes of God, once on personal responsibility, yesterday on friendship, and today I will be speaking on the ever-necessary subject of sexual morality.  Please be in prayer that the Lord will bless these very important subjects to the hearts of the young men and women.

Dad has spoken at the revival meetings the last three evenings on the death of Christ, from Isaiah 53:10-12.  The meetings have been very well attended, and many of the Lord’s people have apparently been blessed by the teaching.  We hope and pray that some who as yet do not know our Lord Jesus Christ will confess and forsake their sins, and come to Him for everlasting life.  Tonight I will be speaking from Psalm 51:5 on the subject of “Shapen in Iniquity.”  Saturday will be our first day of rest, although Dad has a dentist appointment (dental care is cheaper down here and apparently just as effective).  Sunday will be a full day, as I am scheduled to speak three times, and Dad I think twice.  Again, please continue to uphold our Gospel labors in your prayers, that the word of the Lord should have free course and be glorified.