Lord willing, tomorrow morning my Dad and I will be taking off for South America to stay with brother Almond Katryan of Corriverton, Guyana, and preach the gospel at the three different churches he has established in that city.  We also are scheduled to have opportunities to preach at a skills training center and a nursing home, Lord willing.  I am not certain how much computer access I will have during the trip. If I have the opportunity, I will put updates on my blog of what we are doing in Guyana.  

This is my first opportunity to go preach the gospel in a foreign country, so I am looking forward to it, although I must confess to being a little nervous.  In fact, it is my first time to really leave the United States, other than being on the north side of the Niagara River in Canada for just a few hours back in the mid ’90s.  I am always honored to be able to preach the gospel of Christ anywhere I am called, and I know Dad is as well.  He has been in Guyana before, in December of 2011, so I am thankful to be accompanying him this time.  We earnestly covet the prayers of all the Lord’s people who are interested in the furtherance of the work of the Gospel of Christ.  Lord willing, when I beg back to the States (scheduled for February 24th) I will post a record of our experiences in Guyana.  


Sam Ashwood