As mentioned in the previous post, during the observance of the Passover, the head of the home would repeat a formula calculated to remind the Israelites of their deliverance from captivity by God in the days of Moses and Aaron.  But when that moment arrived in the upper room, Jesus delivered a new formula, one which He would have to be observed in His churches until He returns.  Instead of recounting God’s great works in Egypt, He would point them to another and a greater work, this being the sacrifice of Himself in the stead of sinners.  He breaks the bread and gives it to His disciples, telling them that this bread is the portrait of His body which He would offer up to the scourges and thorns and nails on behalf of sinful men.  He gives them the cup of wine, telling them that this wine represented the blood of the New Testament, which He would offer for many for the remission of their sins. 

This is indeed a precious memorial to the devout Christian, far better than it was to the ancient Hebrew to be reminded of the bread of haste they had eaten in the night they were delivered from Egypt.  Deliverance from earthly bondage is a happy thing, but a thousand times better it is to know that one’s sins have been remitted through the offering of the body and blood of Jesus Christ once for all!