John Bunyan describing his day and ours

“And let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity” (2 Tim. 2:19). But this is a day that was never read of, a day wherein conversion is frequent without repentance; such a conversion as it is; and therefore doth the Church of God now swarm with them that religiously name the name of Christ and yet depart not from iniquity. Alas! All homes, all tables, all shops have hanging up in them the sign of the want of repentance (Eccl.7:27-28). To say nothing of the talk, of the beds and the backs of most that profess; by which of these is it one of a thousand for men, and for women one of ten thousand, do show that they have repentance? No marvel, then, that the name of Christ is so frequently mentioned there, where iniquity dwells; yea, reigns, and that with the consent of the mind. I would not be austere, but were wearing of gold, putting on of apparel, dressing up houses, decking of children, learning of compliments, boldness in women, worse in men, wanton behavior, lascivious words, and tempting carriages, signs of repentance, then I must say the fruits of repentance swarm in our land; but if these be none of the fruits of repentance, then, O the multitude of professors that religiously name the name of Christ and do not depart from iniquity.