This was a message given not just for the disciples’ sake alone, but that they may relay it to the believing Jews, who would certainly need this information when Titus led his armies into Palestine.  Most if not all of the apostles were either dead or absent from Judea by that time, but the remaining believers would certainly need to be warned against false Messiahs and false prophets.  These deceivers would show such astounding signs that, if it were possible, the very elect should be deceived.  But, praise God, His elect cannot be deceived even by Satan’s most cunning artifices!  Nevertheless, we ought to be warned.  Even if we see miracles being worked, if the miracle worker is teaching doctrine contrary to the holy Scriptures, he must be rejected.  We do not look for a Messiah to deliver us from our temporal tribulations, but for the glorious coming of the Son of man, which will strike like a bolt of lightning.  So it was in the days of old when He came suddenly to judgment to avenge Himself upon the city and nation which had rejected and crucified Him.  At that carcass, the eagle-emblazoned standards of the Roman legions were gathered together to pick it clean.  So also, when Christ returns to judge all the nations, it will come suddenly at a time when none are looking for it.  Thus, we must be careful to watch and be prepared, for we know not what day or hour at which our Lord may come.