Do you still believe in the wrath of God? There are people in England–evangelicals–who think modern man needs entertainment. There is a mania for singing, for drama, for mime. ‘People cannot take preaching,’ it is said, ‘Give them singing. Teach them how to dance.’ In the name of God I say that is to do violence to Scripture. The church is not here to entertain. It is here to call people to ‘be wise,’ to ‘be instructed’ (Psalm 2:10). It is not just an appeal to ‘come to Jesus’–they are to be instructed, taught. People are dying through lack of knowledge. We are not here to be popular, but to tell the naked truth: ‘Serve the Lord with fear, rejoice with trembling.’

Martyn Lloyd Jones in one of his final sermons, preached from Psalm 2 May 9, 1980