Now streams from the Saviour’s mouth such a flow of fearsome denunciations as should make the strongest man cringe.  “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!”  He describes their black character in numerous ways, in the most blistering language imaginable.  Now the disguise comes off, and these pretended righteous men are exposed for what they truly are: treacherous, wicked, deceitful, cunning, two-faced blackguards.  They shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; primarily, I think, by deterring them from coming to Christ.  They would persuade the multitudes to avoid and disbelieve this Jesus, Who was the Saviour appointed for Israel.  They would teach the people that they must be saved by keeping the law, rather than by submitting themselves to the righteousness of Christ.  They themselves were strangers to the kingdom of heaven, and they would exert might and main to keep anyone else from entering by that one door which God had appointed.