Another Senseless Foreign War

Patrick Buchanan eloquently slams the latest proposed U.S. meddling in the Middle East in an article very much worth reading.  President Obama apparently is going to launch missiles and/or bomb Syria, without so much as a nod of congressional approval.  The grounds for this senseless meddling are dubious at best.  Why should Assad’s forces use chemical weapons, when it is destructive to their very survival to have American intervention in their civil war?  One should always ask: Who profits from the crime?  In this case, it is definitely the al-Qaida affiliated rebels.  Apparently the war hawks in our government are going to launch a new war before the UN investigation is even completed.  They have been criticized for this rashness by both the Russian and Chinese governments and medias.  We know we are at a sad pass when the Russians and Chinese are talking more justly and sensibly than the Americans.