But the Lord was also in Jerusalem on an errand of mercy.  The blind and the lame approached Him in the temple, and, as was His custom, He healed all who sought to Him.  But this did nothing to calm the disgust and murderous intentions the religious leaders had for Him.  They could not bear that the children were shouting hosannas to Him in the temple.  This was going much too far, they thought.  No doubt the root of the problem was that they were losing their prestige and influence to this prophet from Nazareth.  They bitterly exclaim to the Lord, “Hearest thou what these say?”  If they thought to produce an agreement from Jesus that the children were unlawfully exuberant, they were sadly disappointed.  The Lord Jesus instead only increased their rage by telling them that the praises of these children was the fulfillment of the word of Psalm 8:2, where the Scripture says that God has perfected praise out of the mouths of babes and sucklings.  What a blessed thing it will be if our children too early learn to give heartfelt praise to Christ Jesus, the Saviour of men!