More Buchanan On Russia

Apparently Patrick Buchanan is as interested in developments in Russia as I am, because he wrote more on the subject today.  It is evident that Vladimir Putin and the Russian government are doing something right, when they earn the wholehearted condemnation of Barck Obama, the Washington Post, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the entire liberal/neoconservative establishment.  

This is another very fascinating article, although I recommend you ignore Mr. Buchanan’s excuses for the Pope’s cave-in to the homosexual agenda.  While Putin is almost certainly taking these steps for his own political purposes, I for one cannot help but admire his willingness to stick a finger in the eye of the debauched Western leaders.  Perhaps what someone said recently will come true (how ironic it would be!), that in the not too distant futures American Christians may be fleeing to Russia for freedom from religious persecution.