Even after such a great mission of healing was accomplished, the well of Jesus’ compassion did not run dry.  His riches are unsearchable, inexhaustible.  He had healed scores, maybe hundreds.  One might think this was a good day’s work, but it was not the end.  Again He found the crowds hungry, and in no condition to be sent away to shops or to their homes.  As He had on an earlier occasion, He again tests His disciples.  They had seen Him feed five thousand, but they had not drawn the lesson that they should humbly submit the most impossible circumstances to the glorious hand of their Master.  Once more they protest that they have only a little food, seven loaves and a few little fishes.  This could not feed a congregation of thousands, not unless the power of God was with them.  And, indeed, the power of God was with them, for the Man they followed was the Word made flesh.  He thanked His Father for the food, and proceeded again to effect a great miracle in multiplying the bread and fish to feed a throng of four thousand men, besides women and children. 

Once again, our Lord was lavish and abundant in His grace, completely satisfying the hunger of every soul, to the extent that there were actually seven baskets full of leftovers.  We need never concern ourselves that the storehouses of God’s grace will one day be emptied.  When the last sinner is gathered in to the heavenly kingdom, there will be grace enough and to spare for every sinner chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world.