The Lord Jesus was constantly on the move, rarely finding any time to rest.  Always He was besieged by multitudes seeking to hear His teaching, or to have their sick healed.  Near the sea of Galilee, He again was presented with an incredible scene of human misery.  The lame, the blind, the dumb, the maimed, and many others, were brought to Him, and every one was healed.  There was no case too difficult for the great Physician, nor were His stores of patience and compassion ever exhausted.  He rose to meet every challenge, graciously answering every request, to the astonishment of the witnessing multitudes.  They saw Him heal all these afflicted, and could not but have called to mind that the prophets had foretold Messiah would do such things.  Therefore they glorified the God of Israel, Who had been faithful to His promises by sending a Redeemer unto His people.