More similar to the parable of the tares of the field is Christ’s analogy of the net cast into the sea, which gathers in all kinds of fishes, some good and some bad.  The good are kept in vessels to be used for the benefit of the angler, while the bad are cast away.  Thus it will be in the end of the world.  The Christian religion has attracted many false professors, along with those who possess true faith in Christ.  But at the end of the world, God will send forth His angels to “sever the wicked from among the just.”  The wicked will be cast into the furnace of fire, so that God’s true people will never again be troubled by blasphemers and hypocrites. 

This is a solemn, but happy expectation for the people of God.  Even the Lord’s disciples, who often were baffled by His doctrine, were able to understand these things.  And so ought we, so that we may be like that scribe instructed in the kingdom of God, which brings forth out of his treasure things new and old.