Having given this explanation, the Lord proceeds to deliver more parables, to further illustrate the nature of the kingdom of God.  He speaks of this glorious kingdom as a treasure hid in a field, which a man sells all so that he may buy and possess that treasure.  This fits in with Christ’s requirement that the believer in Him must be willing to forsake all in order to follow Him.  The heavenly treasure is worth losing home, or wife, or children over.  They may only be enjoyed in this life, while “the gift of righteousness” will secure our souls for all eternity. 

A similar picture is drawn by comparing the kingdom of heaven to a merchant who deals in pearls.  When he finds the one pearl of great price, he sells everything he has so that he may possess that one pearl.  So it is with we who believe.  Everything else becomes disposable when once we see the great worth of Christ.  God makes us willing to forsake all earthly pleasures and possessions, if only we may be saved by the Lord Jesus.