The seed which fell among the thorns also falls into evil plight, because the ground was not carefully tilled and manured by the saving operations of the Spirit of God.  It may be the word of the Gospel has some initial attraction for him, and he manifests interest in the precious things of Christ for awhile.  Nevertheless, he is quickly discovered to be shallow and unreliable.  The cares of this world begin to take up all his time and consume all his interest, leaving no time for the service of Christ.  He is too interested with pursuing a good job, with accumulating savings and a retirement fund, with making a success of himself in the world, to concern himself overmuch about the dubious matters of eternity. 

Truly, this is a tragic case.  What are the riches of this world when compared with the eternal weight of glory promised to the believer in Christ?  We must all confess that we sometimes feel ourselves in danger of being thorny ground hearers, for every one of us has to toil in our daily occupation, and seek to provide for our own households.  Only the true believer can make these things secondary to the word of God, and submit every aspect of his life to the Lordship of Christ, so that even his earthly service is rendered with an eye towards the glory of God. 

The thorny ground hearer will be completely consumed with making his way in the world, so that he no longer has time to consider the state of his soul, and where he will spend eternity.  Needless to say, because he is only occupied with his earthly welfare, he brings forth no fruit to perfection.  And those who bring forth no fruit are not abiding in Christ, and therefore are no true children of God.