Jesus follows up this sobering answer by offering the interpretation of the parable.  Though the stiff-necked Jews who heard it were left to question among themselves as to what the Teacher could mean by these mysterious sayings, God in His grace has ordained that the gospel authors should give us the true sense, so that we need not be in the same quandary as they were.  The disciples were blessed to see the things which even the prophets could not see, and now so are we.  Woe unto us if we do not take heed to these precious truths uttered by Christ!

First, Jesus explains the wayside seed.  This is a man who hears the preaching of the Gospel, but fails to understand it.  This failure could come about through different methods.  In reality, no person ought to misunderstand the simple, fundamental truths of the Gospel.  While most Christians probably cannot fully comprehend and explain such deep mysteries as the Trinity, or how God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility correlate, yet all should be able to understand, “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life.”  And yet, even this sometimes is not apprehended by the hearer, because men are worksmongers by nature.  Although they hear the simple truth of justification which can be received freely by faith, their natural inclination is to reject this idea as simplistic and unreasonable.  “Surely I must do something!  I must contribute some work, some act of charity, something of my own.”  No, the Scripture answer is, “Believe and live,” and it further teaches us that that faith is not of ourselves, but is the gift of God.  The unbeliever, by nature, rejects such a man-debasing doctrine. 

Some, also, through total carelessness may miss the precious truth of the Gospel.  They do not understand because religion seems like a waste of time to them.  If they have to sit through a Gospel service, they are only concerned with how quickly they can get out.  The things of God are of little import to them, because, as they think, they have bigger fish to fry.  This is a fatal delusion. 

Whatever the cause of a man not understanding the mysteries of the kingdom of God, it is one which will doom his eternal soul.  He becomes an easy prey for Satan, who catches away whatever of the word may have been sown in his heart.  The wretched person then goes on about his miserable way, traversing the broad road that leads to destruction, not caring or understanding that some diligent attention to the needs of his soul might have preserved him from eternal ruin.