I Have A Dream

I have a dream, that one day Martin Luther King, Jr. will be judged, not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.  Only then will we see an end put to this disgusting holiday celebrating one of the greatest adulterers, Communist agitators, plagiarizers, and infidels of all time.

Particularly nauseating to me is how many Christians have fallen into the trap of King worship.  He is praised as a paragon of Christian virtue, and his claims to be the equal of the apostles or Moses, if not Christ Himself (read his own writings) is accepted by both liberal and conservative Christians.  It is little wonder to me the American church is so corrupt and impotent when they have accepted blaspheming, fornicating scoundrels as saints.  Because of this, they focus their attention upon non-biblical sins such as segregation and slavery, instead of denouncing clear biblically defined sins such as adultery and covetousness.

I could write reams about my opinion of “Dr.” King and the entire Civil Rights movement, but I refer you instead to the late Alan Stang, an investigator of King, and a staunch conservative.  Anybody who can read Stang’s account of the character of Michael “Martin Luther” King and still elevate him to an exalted position as an American and a Christian is suffering from a severe spiritual debility.