American Foreign Policy Harmful to Christians

Please note that #3 and #4 on the list of “extreme persecution” states are liberated Iraq and Afghanistan.  The truth is, that nothing worse could have happened to the Christian populations of those countries (Iraq in particular) than the invasion and occupation of American forces.  The alleged liberation from autocratic tyrants has led to the slaughter and dispersal of the Christians in these countries, and the situation is very much the same in places like Libya and Egypt, where the US sponsored regime change.  There is only one conclusion to draw: the United States government does not care that Christians are being persecuted in these countries.  They could easily have stopped it in Iraq while that country was occupied in force, and could still do so in Afghanistan if our leaders had any intention of doing so.  Instead, they scream in sympathy with non-existent Muslim outrage over a makeshift video, but never do more than release an impotent diplomatic statement when Christian communities are assaulted, or believers in Christ put to death.  I believe it is sobering but true that the people at the top of the food chain in the United States are just as hostile to the Christian faith as the Islamic thugs in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.