Next follows that most solemn account of the Lord’s fierce denunciations of the cities where He did most of His mighty works.  Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum had been greatly privileged by God to see the Christ, and to observe His mighty works.  And yet, their hearts remained hard, and they refused to repent.  They saw plainly the evidence that Jesus was the Christ, but they neglected to receive Him as such.  There is no more dreadful fate than that which awaits the soul who is given to perceive that Jesus is the Saviour of sinners, and yet stubbornly refuses to bend the knee to Him.  The guilt of this egregious sin devolves not just upon those ancient cities, but upon many a soul sitting under the Gospel ministry in every generation.

Christ denounces that the wickedest cities in history should have repented, had they enjoyed the privileges of Chorazin or Bethsaida.  Tyre and Sidon, recipients of some of the harshest prophecies, and ultimately of violent overthrow, should still be living if they had heard such preaching and seen such miracles as the cities in Christ’s time enjoyed.  Even Sodom and Gomorrah, whose moral turpitude was so great that God had rained fire and brimstone from heaven down upon them, would have repented and remained to this day had they been so privileged.  But such was not the case with haughty, self-righteous Capernaum.  They were full of self-sufficiency, and saw no need of Christ.  Though they saw plainly the evidence that He was indeed the Christ, yet they rejected His teaching, and refused to repent.  Therefore their destruction must of necessity be great, as indeed it shall be for every soul who hears the Gospel, but refuses to repent and believe on Christ.