By now nearly all Americans must be sadly aware of the unspeakable tragedy that occurred yesterday when a gunman murdered his mother, then took her guns and went to Sandy Hook elementary school and perpetrated the second largest school massacre in the history of this nation.  We rightly grieve, sympathize with, and pray for the families involved.  It is all too easy to imagine how profoundly we would be affected were our children the ones caught up in such a horrible scenario.

What is equally tragic is to see how hopeless the world is in the face of such tragedy, and how empty are their solutions.  Two cries are echoing through the country right now by left wing politicians, entertainers, and media personalities: More gun control, and more and better mental health screening.  In spite of the fact that the absence of guns on the premises made the massacre far easier to perpetrate, and in spite of the fact that there is no evidence that mental health screening could detect such deviant behavior in advance, this is the best the world can offer.  More government control of the citizenry, more intrusion into our private lives, and even into our minds, is the best they can do.  They positively refuse to face up to the true root of these unthinkable acts of cruelty: The rejection of God and His law by the society.  The very public schools where these horrific scenes are being enacted are the fountains from which such corruption spews.

What we are observing is the stench of a decaying society.  We need not go back very far to remember days when school massacres were unheard of.  In my lifetime, the first I ever knew of such wickedness was the Columbine incident.  In the lifetime of our parents, the idea of having to have security at schools was laughable.  But in the lifetime of my parents, the Bible was still being taught at school, and prayers were still offered to the Most High God.

It is no coincidence that lawlessness and violence are abounding in an age that has rejected God and His law.  If this society pictures what separation of church and state looks like, then I want none of it.  What the big voices in the media either do not know, or are too cowardly to admit, is that violence such as occurred in Connecticut has nothing to do with too many guns or not enough mental health screening.  This country has abounded with guns since the 1600s, yet not until the last 15 years did gun violence become such a catastrophic epidemic.  It can hardly be coincidental that this outburst of savagery and murder has occurred since prayer and the Bible were kicked out of our schools, since the government has officially embraced atheistic humanism as its religion, since Evolution has been embraced as revealed truth.  If “Ideas have consequences,” then what we are witnessing is the outcome of the ideas of Evolution and Secular Humanism: Violence, mental disturbances, hopelessness, tragedy around the corner in every city and hamlet in America.

The history of our nation is proving one thing: “By the fear of the Lord men depart from evil.”  When this nation was under Christian influence in the home, the school, and the churches, one needed not fear to send his children to school, or to let them walk home from the playground after dark by themselves.  Now, we can scarcely let our children out of our sight for a moment, for fear of sexual predators and violent maniacs.  We need police protection for them if we send them to school.  We are living in a culture where, “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”  The answer to this plague of violence is not to take away the guns, but to teach men and women to fear God from their very infancy.  Very few are the human beings who can be taught that there is an omnipotent God in heaven Who will bring every work into judgment, that will ever be able to perpetrate such an evil deed as occurred yesterday in Connecticut.  But the number of those violent madmen will abound when they are taught that they descended from apes, that religion is foolishness, that there is no ultimate right and wrong other than Government.

There can be little good expected to come from such a tragedy, but God may use even this to work all things together for the good of His dear children.  My hope and prayer is that the eyes of Christian parents will be opened to what is happening at society, and they will forthwith take steps to remove their children from the pernicious influences of this culture.  It may be that even lost parents will not want to expose their children to the danger of being in a public school classroom, and bring them home, where they will receive a better, and safer education.  The only answer to protecting our children, both spiritually and physically, is to put them in a safe home environment, where they need not worry about murderers, drugs, rapists, and the like.  They will receive a better education, and may there be taught the fear of God, rather than the worship of Darwin.

May the God of grace use the tragic violence at Sandy Hook elementary school to open the eyes of parents across this nation, and restore that fear of Himself by which men depart from evil.