Another striking miracle of Christ recorded here is His healing of a man possessed by a spirit which had made him dumb, unable to speak.  I do not think we should ascribe every case of dumbness to a demon, yet in this case it was so.  The Lord Jesus plainly demonstrated His power both over the tongues of men and over unclean spirits in giving this man a complete deliverance.  The multitudes were astounded, declaring that it had never been so seen in Israel, no, not even in the miraculous days of Moses or Elijah.  But Christ’s bitter enemies had a more dastardly explanation, namely, that He cast out devils through the prince of the devils.  This accusation was as senseless as it was wicked, and only shows their malice against the Saviour.  The Lord Jesus refused to be deterred by such vile insinuations, and proceeded about the Father’s business, teaching in the synagogues of all the cities and villages, preaching the good news of the kingdom of God, and healing all manner of sicknesses among the people.  Such deeds of kindness and truth had never been done by any servant of Satan.

Verse 36 gives us a glimpse into the compassionate heart of the Saviour, Who had a pure heart of love towards the sufferings and ignorance of men.  Truly, if anyone ever had a right to look down His nose at the imperfections of others, it was the spotless Saviour.  Yet when He saw the weary crowd, which had come out to hear Him, and perceived that they were as sheep without a shepherd, His gracious heart yearned for their welfare.  He saw in that multitude souls which needed to hear the Gospel, lost sinners who needed to be saved.  This ought to be our attitude.  Though we cannot but deprecate the wickedness and idolatry present among the throngs of humanity, yet at the same time we ought to sympathize with their lost condition, and hope and pray that we may be able to proclaim somewhat of the Gospel to them.  There truly is a plenteous harvest, and God will not fail to call one of His lost sheep into the fold.  Yet although we have firm trust that God will work all His sovereign will, and that not one of His immutable decrees will fail to be carried out, yet we are still instructed to pray.  It is the duty of Christ’s people evermore to pray that the Lord would send forth laborers into the harvest.  Beyond this, we ought to gird up our loins to be laborers in the Lord’s harvest, and pray that we would be instruments used in gathering His wheat into the garner.