Delaware’s Assault on Parents

The state of Delaware has proven its dedication to Satanic tyranny by passing a law to effectively outlaw spanking of children.  This is a direct assault, not only upon the rights of parents, but also upon the God-ordained method of child discipline.  God both condones and commands the use of the rod in child discipline throughout the book of Proverbs.  Experience teaches that children cannot be effectively taught obedience without the judicious use of corporal punishment.

This act of Delaware was in no wise done to protect children.  The same state which will take the children from parents who spank will turn them over to foster parents who are drug abusers, and God knows what else, where they will be genuinely abused in unspeakable ways.  The same state which condemns the infliction of pain on a child’s backside is more than happy for those children to be engaged in sports, where they are certain to suffer at least severe bruising, strains, sprains, broken limbs, perhaps even paralysis from back or neck injuries.  Worst of all, the same state that pretends such an interest in the welfare of children is more than happy for those children to be chopped to pieces, just so long as the whole body has not left the mother’s womb.

Make no mistake about it, this is an assault on God and His people first and foremost.  As believers in Christ, we are under obligation to obey God rather than men.  The state has declared, “Your children are ours, not yours.”  This is the credo of every tyrant state.  But they cannot overthrow God’s law, and we must persist in obedience to God, for His law overrides that of the state.  This is another reminder that the persecution of believers, which once was a matter of only foreign concern, has now come to our shores.  May our gracious God prepare us for the great difficulties that those who persist in service to Him must surely endure.